Free Licence


Have you changed the free licence?
I upgraded to the newest version last week and now some of our users cannot use Octopus. We are 9 and there’s a limit of 5 but I can’t remember reading this. Although I remember (at least I think) reading about a limit of 1 project but that is now 5.


Hi Carole,

Thanks for the question. The community version used to be limited to one project. In August we announced some changes:

The community version now allows up to 5 projects, but is limited to 5 users and 10 agents.

We also offer a 45-day trial of the Enterprise edition:


Ok,thanks Paul.

I am trialing your software now. I just want to confirm the conditions of the free licence. I work for a charity so cost is obviously an issue.

All I will be using this for will be for a single azure website deployment (with sql azure) so would like to have staging, productions etc.

I am using teamcity which I have deploying to staging ok but will in the guts of setting up all the transforms for conection strings etc I had another look at your product and noticed the free licence.

so is there any limitations to the free licence in my scenario.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for reaching out! Your process will be fine, you’d just need to keep in mind the combined total on users, machines and projects. We’ve relaxed the license limits for all license levels since 3.0.24. For the Community license, instead of limiting to 5 users, 5 projects and 10 machines, you have a total of 20 to split among the 3.

If total users + total projects + total machines = 20 or fewer, you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any further questions!