Force all projects to use common variable sets?

We aim to set some general guidelines to all projects that is in our Octopus installation.
Is it possible to set common rules on all projects like:

  1. Every project must inherit a common variable set
  2. Force every project to start its process with a specific step
  3. Force every project name to follow a name standard (for e.g. Follow a regex).

Regards - Anders

Hi Anders,

Thanks for getting in touch! The closest thing we have to this currently in Octopus is the “Clone Project” Option. You are able to create a sort of template project, from there you can create a new clone of the project each time you need a new project set up. The new project will be identical to the template project that you clone.

Here is the link to our documentation surrounding cloning projects. :slight_smile:

Whilst this is not exactly what you are after, it is currently the closest thing in Octopus that we have for this scenario.

The other option that we have is to create a step template for the beginning step that you require the projects to use. You could then also create a library variable set with the default variables inside. You could then attach both of these to each new project created.

Here are some links to the library variable sets and step templates in our documentation.

I think the clone project option would be the best option available currently. Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Ok, yes that could be a valid option. Even though the team could then choose to remove some important steps that we want everyone to have.