Fit Octopus Deploy into current set up

I’m evaluating OD and trying to figure out how to implement with as minimal imposition of new systems as possible (which I think will encourage wider adoption).

For our web applications and web services, we use a multi-branch pipeline in Jenkins and MSBuild to package a zip file stored in a nested folder based on the branch name server/builds/project/branch/buildNumber/packages. We build 3 packages for 5 environments and the packages are named after the Jenkins build number for that branch site.branch.environment.buildNumber–we don’t use SemVer or really any versioning inside the project, we rely on the build numbers. These packages are stored on a different server and exposed through a network share.

There is resistance to adding a nuget package to every existing project (I think this might be negotiable) but I am trying to figure out how to get what we currently have running in OD, if possible.

I think I am primarily stuck on getting anything like a feed published so OD can see new builds. Will I need to copy every build to the OD server, because that’s all I’ve been able to do so far. I’m running octo pack in our jenkinsfile after the packages is zipped, but it seems like I need to push somehow, but that appears to copy it to the OD server, where I don’t think it needs to be.

Can I make a feed within my current setup of zip folders without internal versioning?

Follow up-

I completely confused octo pack with octo push and how they worked in the build process. I’ve got packages being built to a new directory on the share and the feed is visible in OD.

I don’t think I’m building the packages correctly yet-the nuget package contains all the source code, not just the compiled MVC .NET, and I think I have related deployment problems, but I think this discussion can be closed. Thanks!