Finding Octopus Internal Package repo URL?

Hi, new starter/user of Octopus. Running v2018.7.1 and using the latest documentation here for TeamCity integration.

It states under “Using Octopus as a Package Repository” that…

“You’ll find the URL to your repository on the Library ➜ Packages tab in Octopus. Simply click the Show examples link to see options to upload packages including the repository URL.”

I can’t find this anywhere in the GUI. Can you point me in the right direction please

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The docs page is referring to the following link

That should result in the following dialog, with examples of pushing packages using Nuget, PowerShell and Curl, with your feed URL in bold (I’ve redacted my example server here)

We also provide the octo.exe utility which can push packages, documented here

Hope this helps


Thanks for the reply

My screen doesn’t look the same as yours, but by clicking everything on it I found the screen you are referring to, the docs seem outdated.