Filtering tenants variable based on environment

I’m missing a filter option for filtering tenants project variables based on environments. It’s really annoying that i’m not able to filter tenant variable based on project and environments. I have multiple variables with the same name but the value is different per environment. At this moment it’s really difficult to find the correct variable because it’s not possible to filter on environment.

Is there anything already on the Octopus roadmap to add this option?


Thanks for getting in touch,

I’m sorry to hear this causing inconvenience to you, I can definitely how this would be of benefit.

I also appreciate your clear summary of the issue, this really helps out!

I’ve had a look through our user voice area and was not able to find a request of similar nature.

Your idea, however, seems like a great way to make Octopus even better!

I’d recommend heading over to our User Voice area, feel free to leave your idea here, this is our main avenue when considering new features/enhancements like this based on community support.

We’re also currently in the process of working on an overhaul of the UI so these requests are valuable to contribute to this. I’ll have a chat with the Team in our catch-up to flag this.

If I can be of any assistance moving forward, please let me know :slight_smile:

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