Filtering deployments to machines matching tenant tags


Am trying to understand the logic of how Octopus identifies the relevant deployment targets based on use of tenants and tenant tags.

Given the following (deep breath):

  • A tag set called “StreamNumber” containing 2 tags “Stream1002” and “Stream1003”
  • 2 tenants: “Tenant A” and “Tenant B”
  • Tenant A is tagged with Stream1002, Tenant B is tagged with Stream1003
  • Both tenants are connected to Project P with the UAT environment, (supporting tenanted deployments)
  • Project P has a release, lets call it Release R
  • There are two machines, Server1002 and Server 1003. Both are added to the UAT environment. Both have the same machine role.
  • For a deployment target called Server1002, the Stream1002 tag has been selected (tenant is set to Tenant A)
  • For a deployment target called Server1003, the Stream1003 tag has been selected (tenant is set to Tenant B)
  • When deploying release R, I was hoping I could use tenant tags to target the deployment. e.g. deploy the release to UAT and specify tenant tag Stream1002 to deploy to Server1002. However, when doing this, I see both Server1002 AND Server1003 as deployment targets (even though it says there is only one matching tenant - Tenant A).

Am I missing something here?


Hi Adrian,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately you have stumbled into a known UI bug with the machine preview - its preview only and can safely be ignored.
The issue you can track is here:
Have a read through the issue and comment if you feel it is required. It is our highest priority for the team and the next on the chopping block to be fixed.

Sorry for any issues and confusion it has caused.