Fill Promted variables from outer source


I have found very useful the prompted variables to select the input parameters when running a runbook.

The only issue that I have is when I need information on the variable that is from an outer source, and every time that outer source gets updated I have to manually update the values on the prompted variable.

Is there a way to fill a prompted variables, like a drop down, with information from an outer source? like from a MSSQL catalog.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to populate the prompted variables from an external source built into the product. They are a static list defined in the variable itself.

I agree populating them from an external source would be beneficial, and I’d recommend adding a feature request to our uservoice platform here. One suggestion that’s close to what you are after has already been posted here.

The only other way you could look to keep the possible variable values updated is by having a separate script that looks up the data manually and calls the Octopus REST API to update the definition of the variable. This could be run from an Octopus runbook on a schedule, or manually from a client such as VSCode, PowerShell command line etc.

I’m sorry I don’t have a better suggestion for you.

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