Files to be deleted

I have found what look like older deployment related files in the following locations on a server that is deployed too by Octopus:

C:\Octopus\Applications\Production(subfolders named same as nugget packages)

Is there any harm in deleting files form these folders that are older than 12/31/2015?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting in touch! You are fine to delete the contents of C:\Octopus\Applications.Tentacle\Packages
However, when deleting from C:\Octopus\Applications\Production you must exercise caution! This is the extraction location for your packages. You are fine to delete things from here so long as you are 100% sure that there are no current dependencies on any of the files you delete, otherwise you can break your applications they are still being used. Generally speaking the most recent folder will be the one that say IIS is pointing to.
Some apps may still be pointing to this directory and deleting said files could cause them to malfunction.
You should be confident that at least one current sub folder remains. Do not delete them all.



Thank you for the response. Very much appreciated.