Files missing on server from nuget package

Hi Octopus

We have a nuget package of Flyway scripts, one of these scripts is named “V201605251830__BA-33-ConfigureBillingdata(SmallBalanceValue).sql”

We recently upgraded to Octopus 3.3.17 and it seems that since then this file does not get extracted onto the server at deploy time. I can see the file in the nuget package, but it does not exist on the server after a deploy.

When I look in older deploys of the same package I can see the file in the deployment folder.

Is this a known issue with Octopus? Is the the brackets causing the issue?



Thanks for getting in touch. There isn’t a known issue with this version of Octopus or the use of parenthesis and missing files (so far).

in your deployment log you should see something like this at the beggining

                    |   == Success: Acquire packages ==
13:52:26   Info     |     Acquiring packages
13:52:26   Info     |     Making a list of packages to download
13:52:26   Verbose  |     Checking package cache for package App1 version 5.0.0
13:52:27   Info     |     Downloading package App1 version 5.0.0 from feed: '\\Ny-octopus1\c\Packages'
13:52:27   Verbose  |     Downloaded packages will be stored in: C:\Octopus\OctopusServer\PackageCache\feeds-local-folder
13:52:27   Verbose  |     Finding package (attempt 1 of 5)
13:52:27   Verbose  |     Found package App1 version 5.0.0
13:52:27   Verbose  |     Downloading to: C:\Octopus\OctopusServer\PackageCache\feeds-local-folder\App1.5.0.0_37C72D164ED7D84C8C777D8E762FEE78.nupkg

See how it says Downloading to: C:\Octopus\OctopusServer\PackageCache\feeds-local-folder\App1.5.0.0_37C72D164ED7D84C8C777D8E762FEE78.nupkg ? If you check the content of that nuget package in your Octopus server, do you see the file in it? Of course your package name will be different to mine, but you got the idea :slight_smile:


In the deployment log:

Package Bridge.Databases.Bridge. (1.41 MB) found in cache. No need to upload. Using C:\Octopus\Files\Bridge.Databases.Bridge.

When I download the package and view in Nuget Package Explorer I can see the file (see screenshot)

But the file is not on the server, there is a discrepancy of 1 between file counts of package and on the server. The missing file is the one in question.

After re-naming the file to remove brackets and hyphens deployment worked as expected, with all files being deployed.

I cant seem to reproduce this on my end. In my case I always get the file with the same name as yours deployed.

If instead of re-deploying the same package, you deploy a brand new one with the file with the parenthesis and hypens on, does it get deployed?