File not being included in nuget package by Octopack

I have a file (readme.txt) that is copied to the release directory of my Console Application.

This console application is packaged by TeamCity using Octopack. When i look at the bin\release directory after the build I see that the file is there (it was copied correctly), but it is not in the package built by octopack.

I am not using a nuspec file. The documentation indicates:

If you are packaging a Windows Service or Console application, then it will package all of the output files in the bin\Release folder (assuming you have done a release build).

But this doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Any ideas?



Thanks for reaching out. This is most likely a problem regarding on which part of the process is the file being added. The most straightforward way to solve this would be to include this file on your nuspec file ( Besides that approach, would you be able to send me one of your TC build logs so i can check what might be going on with your current process?



To get this working I ended up building my package in TeamCity with /p:OctoPackEnforceAddingFiles=true

and adding a nuspec file that referenced the one extra file I needed included.

If you want I can still send you the log from teamcity.


Glad to hear you got it working! No need for the log file then.