File copying too slow on tentacle server

(Rasmita Polleyi) #1


We are using 3.2.4 version currently. We are facing slowness for copying files for our web deployment (The purge and copy step takes about 8 to 10 mins ). The nuget package and the folder its coping are on the same tentacle server so there is no role coping to a shared network path.

attached is the deployment log.

deployment-log (29.6 KB)

Please suggest what could be the reason.


(Paul Calvert) #3

Hi Rasmita,

Thanks for getting in touch!

At that point all that Octopus is doing is interacting with the Windows file structure to perform the delete and copy so the issue is likely to be something environmental.
Can I ask what the size of the package being deployed is?
And is this something that has just started occurring or has it always been this slow?

A common cause of this would be an anti-virus that is scanning each file as it is copied causing the disk I/O to reach maximum levels and slowing down the copying.

Best regards,

(Rasmita Polleyi) #4

Hi Paul,

Our package size is roughly 420 MB. The issue is happening from quite a long time and our package size constantly grows slightly with every release.

We checked our I/O activity and anti virus scanning and did not find any issue with them.

One more thing to add the copy process takes more time when we try to perform multiple deployment same time on the same server.


(Paul Calvert) #5

Hi Rasmita,

It would be useful if we could test whether the issue persists outside of Octopus. To do this could you try manually copying the contents of the package from the source location to the destination?
Copy the files from D:\Octopus\Applications\LIFELINK-Training\TransplantConnect.Web.UI\2019.4.0.925_1
to D:\IIS\Training Sites\LIFELINK\WebUI

To avoid impacting a live application you could alter the destination folder slightly, perhaps .\WebUITest

If you can do this and let me know if it takes about the same time or if it is significantly quicker.