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While trying to add a feed from MyGet.org (nuget feeds as a service) I got a 404 when entering the url without trailing slash. After adding the trailing slash, the feed was added. Either a hint about that or adding it automaticcly would be great.

MyGet.org allows you to create public feeds as well as private feeds where you can set security/privileges. I believe it uses basic authentication. Is this in your backlog? Fairly easy to implement I believe.

Also, I’m guessing local feeds aren’t supported as they don’t expose an odata point to fetch the data from.

Hi David,

Local feeds are supported - just enter them as either C:\Path\To\Feed or \Path\To\Feed. Querying them will be case sensitive though.

Private feeds are on my list of things to do this sprint, so should be ready in a couple of weeks:


(“Authentication-enabled NuGet servers”)

I’ll talk to Maarten about how /'s should be handle on MyGet URI’s.

Thanks for getting in touch!



Hi David,

Just to let you know, private feeds with authentication are supported in the latest Octopus release.


Great work!

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