Feature request

Hi I have a couple feature requests. Firstly, it’d be nice to have user input variables for deployment that are not just text boxes. You already have the variable templates available for steps, but not for user input during deployment. We have one core product we are deploying with Octopus, but many flavors. Each deployment could be different in a number of ways. The current solution is to 1) add a new channel for each flavor but that would be too many channels or 2) Allow user to skip steps during deployment. This would be fine if there was an option to default a step to be skipped.

Secondly, It would be nice to have custom variables based on user. An admin can add user options (i.e. send email when deployment complete, notify via hipchat, etc). Then each user can go to their settings and enable/disable the custom variables. This way in the step we could check if the user variable is set to true, we know we should send an email, otherwise not. Thanks


Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting in touch, and sharing how you’d like to use Octopus! When deciding on new features like this to add to future releases, our main reference point is our UserVoice site. This allows us to gauge how much community support is behind each idea, so it’s a good idea to suggest these feature requests up there. :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Best regards,