Feature-request: allow to change "Halibut.PollingRequestQueueTimeout" via Web-UI and set it for a specific environment

Hi guys,

We have a lot of environments, one of it is located on Far East. This region is underdeveloped yet and have huge troubles with internet-connection (only satellite one is available).

In this case we have to change Timeout for polling tentacles up to 10 minutes. This is not a good decision as involves all environments.

We would be very appreciated if you could allow to change this timeout option for a specific env and do it via WEB-UI.

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,
Denis Titusov

Hi Denis,

Thanks for this suggestion. I have seen it come up before. Currently we are looking into extending this variable to our new Machine Policies as part of the Elastic Environments 3.4 feature.

If it doesn’t make it into 3.4 it should be soon after.