Failure deploying large tar.gz packages

Octopus 3.3.3

We have run into what is basically a showstopper for us in deploying one of our products.

I refer to a question I asked a while back related to this, though it doesn’t have much bearing on the issue:

We are pushing large (3GB) tar.gz packages into Octopus via the new Package api from a Linux script/command line (using curl). This completes without issue (takes about 5 minutes).

When we try to deploy the same package to another Linux server with a Deploy Package step, we get the following error:

                    | == Failed: Deploy Models release 0.0.55 to QAT ==
11:19:24   Verbose  |   Guided failure is not enabled for this task
11:19:51   Fatal    |   The deployment failed because one or more steps failed. Please see the deployment log for details.
                    |   == Failed: Acquire packages ==
11:19:24   Info     |     Acquiring packages
11:19:24   Info     |     Making a list of packages to download
11:19:24   Info     |     Looking up the package location from the built-in package repository...
11:19:24   Verbose  |     SHA1 hash of package model is: 0ab7594aa4ebe102c13069c564f6bd2190c4ac82
11:19:50   Fatal    |     The step failed: One or more child activities failed.
11:19:51   Verbose  |     Acquire Packages completed
                    |     Failed: <target server name>
11:19:50   Verbose  |       Disposing SFTP connection...
11:19:50   Verbose  |       Disposing SSH connection...
11:19:50   Fatal    |       Stream was too long.

Hi Ryan,

Sorry to hear you’re having these issues with Octopus.

We have been able to reproduce this error in our test suite for Halibut (our communication library) with a 2GB package. I’ve raised #2434 to have this investigated as soon as we can, I’ll raise it in our morning standup tomorrow to see if we can investigate it as a priority.

Thank you and best regards,

I just replied to the GitHub issue - it seems that the issue is still not resolved in 3.3.5.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for letting us know, we’re investigating the issue to get a fix out as soon as we can.

Thank you and best regards,

Got the updated version - works great! This will save us loads of time - thank you!