Failing Deployments


I receive this error in the log:

Undeliverable message detected: Pipefish.Messages.Delivery.DeliveryFailureEvent from: DeployPackageActionOrchestrator-UA-ASAkIlmT8A@SQ-AVGAPPLICATION1-DEEBE225 to: TentaclePackageDeployment-Mg-ASAkIkCkPg@SQ-DVWW04-2AA7937D
 - Body is: {"FailedMessage":{"Id":"59f7efca-0def-441b-85dd-e350d6a2b66f","From":{"SerializedValue":"TentaclePackageDeployment-Mg-ASAkIkCkPg@SQ-DVWW04-2AA7937D"},"Headers":{"Expires-At":"635445087656868590","In-Reply-To":"f8562a76-395c-45e6-ae35-62beaabc4885","MessageStore-Envelope-NoFwd":"08D1765DCC36B9E800000500"},"To":{"SerializedValue":"DeployPackageActionOrchestrator-UA-ASAkIlmT8A@SQ-AVGAPPLICATION1-DEEBE225"},"MessageType":"Octopus.Platform.Deployment.Messages.Deploy.Package.TentaclePackageDeployedEvent","Body":{"$type":"Octopus.Platform.Deployment.Messages.Deploy.Package.TentaclePackageDeployedEvent, Octopus.Platform.Deployment","RetentionTokens":["eec1fcf5-f7fa-4548-a475-a0269653ef5c"],"CreatedArtifacts":[],"OutputVariables":[{"Name":"Package.InstallationDirectoryPath","Value":"<Directory>","IsSensitive":false}]}},"Error":{"Message":"Actor does not exist","Detail":null}}

I have uninstalled and re-installed the tentacle but the same thing happens. I also have installed power-shell 4.

P.S The deploys just hangs on its current step without failing or anything. (usually at acquiring packages) Please help me address this issue as soon as possible as we are looking to fully integrate Octopus.


Thanks for getting in touch!
Just a question or two:
Is this error for all deployments? Is it on a specific Tentacle?
Is your Octopus Server version the same as the Tentacle version?


This is just on a specific tentacle and I`m running Version 2.5. It happens all the time in our staging environment

Thanks for the extra information. Would you be able to collect a few extra details around the time a failure has just occurred?

Ideally we can glean some info from:

Thanks in advance,

Hi Nick,

There is no tentacle log file but I have the OctopusServer.txt

OctopusServer.txt (2 KB)

Hi Corey,

The lack of a Tentacle log might be telling of a permissions issue - is the Tentacle service on the machine running as “LocalSystem”, or as a user account? (Tentacle always writes log messages on starting, so normally the log is always present).

Is there also any chance the machine was created from a cloned VM?