Failed to upgrade tentacle from Octopus Cloud


I am trying to upgrade my tentacles from my new and shiny Octopus Cloud instance but it failed and I can´t figure out how to solve it.

From the logs:
Start-Process : This command cannot be run due to the error: The system cannot find the file specified. At C:\Octopus\Cloudtentacle\Work\20180817054034-4848-6\Script.ps1:68 char:1
+ Start-Process “Octopus.Upgrader.exe” -ArgumentList “"$service” `"$m …

Hi @nils_hjalmarson,

Thanks for getting in touch!

So that we can investigate further are you able to let us know what the instance name of your Octopus Cloud instance is? It would also be useful to know if the error that you have shown was on the Server during upgrade or was it on your Tentacle?


Hi Alex

Thank you for your reply.

Our instance is and the error I got is from the server logs. I have included the full log in this email. Our tentacle is running under a custom user account and that accout has full acccess to the Octopus folder.

I hope this gives you a better idea of our issue.



ServerTasks-4848.log.txt (9.91 KB)

Hi Nils,

Alex has passed this on to me for further investigation. I’m scratching my head as to why only 2 files were extracted out of the package compared to the usual 5.

Have you been able to upgrade any other tentacles?

I want to try deploying the tentacle.nuget package as a step in a project and see if it extracts all the files. The package can be downloaded from here.

With your permission I can log in, set that up and run it against that tentacle. Otherwise let me know the results.

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