Failed to make directory Git directory

Previously posted report

We run across with the same issue as was posted above. Trying to create a new release (or disabled/delete/rename project) get the same error as original poster:
failed to make directory ‘D:/Octopus/Git/CBMV4LA36BAWPL7DLNUCJ5HWI5KDQH23/root/worktrees/bEU7VBAREKDACBWHJEED5P7EWWYFBLVAF’: directory exists
Please advice, thank you.

Hi @inemer,

Thanks for getting in touch, and welcome! I’m very sorry to hear about the inconvenience caused by this bug. Fortunately it looks like a known issue that was patched as part of Octopus versions 2022.4.8178 & 2023.1.1675 as part of this public bug report.

Prior to applying this patch fix for this issue, and as a workaround for the time, the engineers created a toggle that hopefully will fix this issue for you if you’re not yet to the above mentioned issues. In versions 2022.3.10679 & 2022.4.6181 you can enable this toggle by setting the following environment variable on your Octopus server OS to true: OCTOPUS__FeatureToggles__WorktreeCleanupFeatureToggle (note the double underscores).

I hope this helps, and please let us know how you go or if you have any other questions or concerns.

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Thank You! Let me try

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Hi, Kenneth!
I talk to my manager and propose that we start pushing Octopus upgrades every quartal with latest stable version (if Octopus use concept of stable and beta releases).
Where can I check/read about Octopus release cycles?
Our current version is 2022.3.10664
I found this Compare releases


Good morning @inemer,

Just jumping in for Kenny as he is currently off shift as part of our Australian based team.

We have a blog post about how we schedule and push out Octopus releases here if you wanted to give that a read, the post is from 2018 but it does still hold true.

In short, we push out 4 minor releases per year - one per quarter (ie 2023.1, 2023.2, 2023.3 and 2023.4) within those minor releases there will be patches released as and when there are fixes to push out.

We dont do beta releases, all our releases are tested through our Octopus Cloud process which is pushed to various testing environments before it goes out to our wider customers, this does not mean that when those releases get pushed to our server patches they do not have bugs in them but our support team are always on hand to assist you if you do see an issue.

You also have the Octopus UI itself which, if your networking setup allows (ie you do not block traffic to our website on the octopus server) you can see when an update is out in the notifications area:


You do have the compare releases page as you posted up and that will tell you any breaking changes between the version you are on and the version you want to upgrade to and we have some (if I do say so myself) fantastic in depth documentation about upgrading.

We have one here for upgrading major versions (ie going from a 2021.3.xx release to a release).
And we have one for upgrading minor versions and patches here (ie going from 2022.3.xx to 2022.4.xx)

The patches as I mentioned come out regularly there is no set schedule for those, our archive downloads page here gives you all the releases (which notes which ones are cloud and which ones are server as our cloud customers are on a higher release than our server customers) and our main downloads page will always show the latest version and patch for you to download.

We also have a ‘Whats new’ page for the latest Major releases which details all the new features we have for each release:

I hope that helps, reach out if you want any further information as we are always on hand to help!
Kind Regards,

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Thank you for the excellent explanation!!!


I have a question regarding Major releases. As with any big organization, we have our CAB submitting cut-off time, CAB approval period. ANd they required dates for each Production deployment.
What would be the usual dates for 4 major releases?

Hi @inemer,

Thanks for following up! We don’t have any set-in-stone ahead of time date for each of the 4 minor releases under the yearly major version, but we do plan on roughly quarterly minor bumps. Looking at the previously shipped versions for last year as an example, here is each of the minor bumps and the month they were shipped for on-prem.

  • 2022.1 - March, 2022
  • 2022.2 - August, 2022
  • 2022.3 - September, 2022
  • 2022.4 - January, 2023

I’m sorry I’m unable to be any more specific than that, but hopefully that helps!

Best regards,


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