Failed Deploy to Azure Web App for Linux


I am having a problem deploying via azure webapp targets (2018.8.8) to an Azure WebApp-Linux. I know the URL to the api for the site is correct, as I can browse to it and the Azure ad auth user is a contributor to the entire subscription that it is deploying to. This is the error:

I know my deployment steps work, as I can switch it to a windows Azure web app and it will deploy there. It seems like the default deployment step is unable to deploy to a linux Azure web app. Any Ideas?

Thanks, Jon

edit: I attached the task log: ServerTasks-67504.log.txt (29.0 KB)

Hi Jon,

Thanks for getting in touch. I did some investigation this morning and based on this documentation the WebDeploy mechanics we use for Azure Web App deployments won’t work for Linux without some adjustment. It says that there is a property we should be able to set to allow it to work, so we’ll look at support this in the near future.

I’ll send an update with a GitHub issue just as soon as we can create one. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and for your patience while we get it addressed.



UPDATE: GitHub issue you can track for updates.

Thanks for the follow up. I am looking forward to it!