Extract steps from database with script

Is there a way to extract the steps/instructions/variables from an Octopus database in a human readable format without the UI? We are having an issue with getting our OD instance up and running and while that is being worked on we were wanting to do some manual deployments but need to pull out the steps/variables and wondered if there was a way to do this in a script against the DB.

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for reaching out! While all the data for deployment processes and variables is stored on the database in their JSON blob form, it’s gonna be really difficult to get that information in a human readable format.

You can start by digging into the DeploymentProcess and Variables tables and see what you can work our of them. But I feel I should warn you: its not gonna be an easy task and it might not be worth your time.

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Thanks for the input Dalmiro - hopefully we can get the UI back up and running so we don’t have to go this route.


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