Extended Variable Syntax Intellisense Errors

When using Octopus Extended Variable Syntax in my app.config file, Visual Studio 2017 Intellisense recognizes this as invalid xml format and shows multiple errors. This is undesirable noise.
<SomeConfigElement attribute=“normal” #{if this} that=“something” #{/if} />

Is there a way to tell VS this syntax is ok? or is there a way to better shape the syntax so it doesn’t parse as invalid?

Thanks for getting in touch! After trying a few things in Visual Studio 2017 to stop these validation errors, I came up empty handed and I was not able to suppress these Intellisense errors unfortunately.

So we came up with one potential work-around which may fit here and I thought I would mention it here just in case. Please note this is an example only and it might need a bit of extra work to get the desired results.

For example, you could abstract the variable substitution syntax out of the XML File and into Octopus as a variable. To do this, you could have a new Octopus Variable called SomeConfigElement which has a value of:

#{if Condition } <SomeConfigElement attribute="normal" that="something" />#{/if}

Then in your XML File, you could have something along the lines of:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be more helpful here, I’m interested to know if such a work-around would work for you though.

Kind regards,