Execute selected process steps without creating a release

Our team would like to execute selected steps from our Octopus project process to bring a target environment down or up. Correspondingly, in this case, there is really no new release being deployed.

What’s the best approach to achieve this?

I looked into Channels (which we are currently not using) and yes, I can create Down and Up channels and select steps correspondingly, but I’d still need to pack and create a release and assign to a channel only to bring environment down or up without actually doing any deployment.

Hi Dmitriy,

My advice would be to split your project into an “Infrastructure Project” and an “Application Project”. This way you can provision infrastructure independently from deploying your application.

In Octopus 3.4, we introduced a set of features we call Elastic Environments.
This introduced functionality which may be of interest. I would especially recommend reading our documentation on Immutable Infrastructure and Keeping deployment targets up to date.

I hope this helps,

Thanks, I’ll check these out once we upgrade to 3.4.