ExcludeFoldersFromDeployment element apparently ignored


While building a package yesterday, I noticed that the ExcludeFoldersFromDeployment element we added to our project file was ignored by OctoPack(the files/folders were still placed in the Gnuget package). However, standard VS publishing did ignore the unwanted directories/files. We are using Octopus Deploy 2.0 with OctoPack.3.0.41. The element we are using is in every release property group in the project file. It looks like this:


The only way we got the tool to ignore the directories above was to exclude them from the project, which is not optimal. Do you have any recommendations?


Hi Brian,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’ve created a github issue to add support for the tag ExcludeFoldersFromDeployment on Octopack. Here’s the link in case you want to follow it.

I agree that excluding the files from the project can be troublesome. What you could do is add you own Nuspec to you project, and use Nuget’s exclude functionality to exclude files and paths. This way Octopack will use this nuget to pack your application, and it will exclude the files/folders you declare.

This doc shows how and where to add your Nuspec on your project (sear for “adding a nuspec”)

Nuget doc on how to exclude files

Hope that helps!


Thank you!


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