Exclude a deployment target with a specific tag from running steps in a specific environment


I have a scenario where our octopus server is also part of our Dev environment. The server has a tentacle installed and is configured as a deployment target with the tag ‘AppServer’, as do all the servers in other environments that share the same role. I have also given it a tag of ‘BuildServer’ and used this role as a way of creating a stand alone deployment (simple .zip folder) that gets dropped onto a network share, for certain environments.
The problem I’ve run into is that the Deployment steps that are run as the “AppServer” role are being run on the Dev server for the environments that also have steps that need the “Buildserver” role, as the server has been added to those environments. Is there a way I can exclude some steps being run for a specific deployment target within a specific environment?

Update: Problem solved. Setup a separate Tentacle Instance and used that to run the Build server tasks.