Evaluation of variables

I am having a problem when trying to evaluate path to package install dir.
In the “Variables”-view; I am trying to use a variable as step-name. If it’s not a variable then everything is OK, but as I have a lot of steps I want to scope on just one variable and let the others be evaluated from this.
If you see my attached screenshot I have “PhysicalInstallPath” and “PhysicalInstallPath2”. “PhysicalInstallPath” has no scope and is using a variable as stepname that also have no scope, this is not evaluated.
“PhysicalInstallPath2” is what I am really after; using a stepname where the “WebAppName” is scoped.
I have seen examples of this working when using Powershell, but I do not want to add any extra complexity if this is possible to handle out of the box.
I am currently on version

Hi Gard,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately its not possible to use a #variable inside another #variable. On this case the easiest will be to create multiple variables and scope them to the needed step from the scope column.

Sorry its not better news