Evaluating expression inside variable substitution

Lets say i have the following variables

Name Value
Urls[1].Value www.google.com
Urls[2].Value www.yahoo.com

And given the following transformation:

#{each url in Urls}
key="#{url}+1" value="#{url.Value}"

I would expect an ouput like below. i want to add +1 to the index

key=“2” value=“www.google.com
key=“3” value=“www.yahoo.com


Hi Sujay,

Thanks for getting in touch! I will need to get some further information from you here.

Can you provide some further information about how you are currently trying to achieve this in Octopus? In the above example, where are you placing these variables and trying to substitute them?

Would you be able to attach a full deployment log with variable logging enabled? You need to add the variables from the documentation to your deployment, created a new release and deploy. The logs will then have detailed variable information in them.

You mention that you expect an output like key=“2” value=“www.google.com”. What are you currently seeing?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,