Estimated support for Ubuntu 22.04

I know this topic was raised a few months ago, such as this post > Linux Tentacle support for Ubuntu 22.04

I’ve seen the same workaround mentioned a couple of times but have not seen any sort of estimate as to when Ubuntu 22.04 will be officially supported. With 22.04 being LTS, is there a general time-frame that we can expect an official fix?


Hi @tfbryan!

Thanks for reaching out. Tentacle 6.3 has full support for OpenSSL3, and by extension, Ubuntu 22.04. We are currently in the middle of its rollout, with it being available as the latest version in our apt and yum package repositories. There are some delays on it being released on Windows, due to new prerequisites, and giving people time to prepare (please see this blog post for more details). Once this global availability happens, it will be more visible, but this is currently in an “in-between” state where we needed to get it out on Linux for 22.04 support, while giving Windows users time to prepare.

That’s a long-winded way of saying: Native support is available already in the latest versions of Tentacle available via apt and yum.

Hope this helps, and please let us know if you have any further questions.

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Oh sweet. So I’m currently running v2022.3.10692 on prem, but happy to update to the latest stable version. If I understand correctly, that should resolve my issue?

The bundled version of Tentacle will still be 6.2 in 2022.4, but starting in 2023.1, it will be 6.3. If you’re building new 22.04 machines in the meantime, you’ll get 6.3 if you follow the install documentation here: Linux Tentacle - Octopus Deploy

Hope this helps!

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