Error with Octopus Server interactive mode

I receive several errors when the command window opens when running “Octopus Server (Interactive Mode)” from the start menu.

Ahh, the problem is that your user account doesn’t have access to the HTTP namespace. You can rectify it by running:

netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:80/Octopus user=<user>

Where <user> is your account (e…g, MyMachine\Paul)

I’ll try to automate this as part of the installer (making the URL reservation available to all users).

I believe I am experiencing the same issue, however adding the access did not resolve it. Any other ideas?


OK, this bug was due to the HTTP listener code listening on “localhost” instead of “+”, which would require a different URLACL registration.

The latest build includes a fix which changes the listening back to +:

It seems I am still recieving this error after installing the latest build. So I uninstalled, reinstalled, clicked ‘update’ on the service tab for the installer, then launched Octopus Server (Interactive Mode) and bang.

I even removed and re-added the urlacl with user=Everyone instead of my own domain user account in case it was some sort of permission related thing, but this didn’t seem to help the issue.

Any more hints about what I could try?

I seem to have another urlacl registered to the url http://+:80/Temporary_Listening_Address/ - I am not too familiar with urlacl usage, this wouldn’t conflict with the one I am setting up for octopus would it?


Can you attach a copy of what happens when you run:

netsh http show urlacl

Also, do you get a different result if you right click->Run as Administrator?


See attached the full listing for show urlacl.

Just a quick note: octopus is installed on a fresh install of server 2008 R2 running in Hyper V. The only other things installed were .NET 4.0 and the Web Role server role (with most of the options selected for the web role). Apart from those it is stock standard. The server is part of my workplaces domain. I log into the server with my domain account, which is an administrator account.

I have tried adding the UrlAcl with my domain account and also with “Everyone” specified - neither work, even when running the octopus interactive server as administrator.

Hi Andrew,

Sorry this is such a problem. Can you try a couple of things:

  1. Run the Server Tools from the start menu, and change the port number to a different port
  2. Make sure the Octopus windows service is not running
  3. Run again, without registering the namespace
  4. Run again as Administrator, without registering the namespace
  5. Register the namespace with netsh, then repeat the last two steps
  6. Browse to the URL in your browser in case anything else is running :slight_smile:

Is there a chance the machine has anti virus or a firewall other than Windows Firewall on?

Changing the port number and running as administrator seems to have resolved the issue! Thanks for your help Paul.

There are no additional firewalls or AV on this server instance, I set it up myself just yesterday.

One thing to note: you need to wait a minute after shutting down the windows service before running the interactive server, otherwise you will experience the same issue (I assume the service has a hold on the port for a little while after telling it to stop).

Hi Andrew,

Glad that got around it. I’m curious to know what the underlying issue was though. Was anything else running on port 80 apart from IIS? If you run this command as an admin:

netstat -b -o -n 

Do any processes other than IIS listen on a local address of port 80?

Good point about the sleep - I’ll add that in the next build.


Doesn’t look like it - here is the result of the query.

Let me know if you’d like me to check out anything else / run any other diagnostics / tools.