Error while running script deployment step: "Script type `wsf` unsupported on this platform."

as the title says, i’m trying to make a step to 'Run a Script" to run a Windows Scripting Host script (.wsf).

The script is in a package, and i’ve configured the script file name inside that package
The arguments were configured.

On the target server, the script runs just fine in a powershell.

however, when trying to deploy calamari emits the message shown in the attached screen shot.

I’ve tried running the script with no variable substitution as well; this doesn’t work either.

thanks in advance.


Thanks for reaching out! The “Run a script” step does not support wsf files. For this kind of files you’ll need to use the Deploy a Package step, along with the Custom Installation Directory feature, and then call your wsf file from the Deploy script block,

Hope that helps,

thank you; that was it.