Error while deplyoing Dacpac using octopus

Getting Exception calling “Deploy” with “5” argument(s): “Could not deploy package.” error while deploying a Dacpac file using nuget package deployment. Please help.

Octopus version -2.6


Thanks for reaching out. Could you please send us the full deployment log so we can see exactly where did the error show up?

In case you haven’t already, please also check this detailed guide from a community user regarding dacpac deployments with Octopus:



Thanks a lot Dalmiro. I will try to implement the same.

I have followed the blog and it solved my problem. now i am facing another issue. i want to set location of data files and log files while creating database using octopus which is using dacpac deployment. any help or idea… thanks


Glad to hear the blogpost helped you. I’m afraid I’m not skilled enough in dacpac deployments to help with that question. Is that (location of data and log files) something that can be configured when calling SqlPackage.exe? I can see plenty of parameters for this command line tool on the link below. Maybe one of them does what you need?

You can also reach Colin over his blogpost. I’m sure he’ll be able to give you a hand.