Error while defining a scope for a variable in Offline Package Drop

Hello Octopus,
We currently are working to get Offline Package Drop working. For that we need the same variable defined with a different values for the steps in the deployment proces. When we define a scope for this variable, every time a warning is generated during deploy:
"You have a duplicate variable ‘AppName’ between the Step Template used in the ‘Service Portal On Premise UI’ step and your Project or Variable Sets in use. Be aware that the latter will prevail over the values entered on the step.
To log this warning as verbose instead, add the ‘OctopusSuppressDuplicateVariableWarning’ variable to your project with a value of ‘true’."
Why is this warning generated? I have no step template used for that step and no other variables are defined. Also, this waring only shows when a scope is defined to enable multiple variables with the same name and different value.
Can you help me?
Kind regards,

Marijn Ophelders

Hi Marijn,

Thanks for reporting this.

We picked this one up just recently. There’s an issue up for it.

The fix will be included in a release in the next week or two.

Let me know if that issue doesn’t match what you are seeing.