Error when trying to re-run a runbook (wants a version)

I have a runbook that I have run many many times. The last time it was run was early in February. It ran just fine then. I recently made a very minor change (I updated where the docker container was held), and tried to run it again. When I do this I get the following error:

“Please specify the Runbook Snapshot to run” (twice)

I have looked through the steps to see if they in turn are calling a runbook, but I can’t see anything like that. The first step uses the Octopus API to remove workers from a worker pool, and the second one uses the container deployment step template to deploy containers into our Kuberentes cluster as octopus deploy workers.

I have also looked at the audit trail for the runbook (and the templates used by the runbook). The only change in there is the minor change to the repository.

I also went back and put the change I made back to what it was prior, and I am still getting the error.

The error does not really give any kind of details to let me know how to debug this further. I am looking for a way to narrow down why I am getting this error message.

So, I tried to publish the Runbook as a workaround to this issue. When I did that, it gave me a permissions error for the new location of the container image.

When I fixed that, then this error went away.

Please close this issue.

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Hi @OctopusSchaff,

Great to hear from you again, and that you got it working!

I’ll still see if I can repro this and get an issue raised for that unhelpful error message so that others aren’t hitting this too, thanks for pointing it out!

Feel free to reach out again anytime!

Best Regards,

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