Error when trying to deploy to an environment without proper permissions

(Jakub Januszkiewicz) #1

When a user tries to deploy to an environment he doesn’t have a permission to, the following happens:

This is Octopus cloud version 2019.5.0.

(Tina) #3

Hi Jakub,

Thank you for reaching out. Sorry to hear that you seeing this error.

With your permission I’d like to logon to your Cloud Instance and take a look around.
If this is ok just reply with your approval.

Thanks again for getting intouch.

(Jakub Januszkiewicz) #4

Hi Tina,

I approve for you to log into our instance.


(Tina) #5

Hi Jakub,

Thanks for the approval. Can you also send me your cloud instance name?

Thank you!

(Jakub Januszkiewicz) #6

Hi Tina, I sent you that in a private message.

(Tina) #7

Hi Jakub,

Thanks for sending your instance information. I’m currently working with an engineer on your issue but I need a little more information.

Can you send me the following information?

  1. The specific user getting the error
  2. The projects that they are running to get this error
  3. The environment they’re deploying to

Thank you!