Error trying to deploy releases created with octo.exe and --packagesFolder option

Greeting Octopus team,

In exploring our automation options, I am thinking the --packagesFolder option aligns well to our build process.

I have successfully created several releases using this option, and the expected packages get found in the folder I specify.

However, attempting to deploy any of these releases causes this to throw:

“A child activity failed: The package could not be downloaded from NuGet. Please see the below errors for details. If you are getting a package verification error, try switching to a Windows File Share package repository to see if that helps.”

The error itself makes sense, as these files were found on our file share specified in --packagesFolder and NOT the nuget repository. But do the files need to live in a nuget respository for deploys to work? Is another switch or step needed to get the file share version auto-promoted to the nuget repository?

We can certainly promote the pacakges to our nuget feed in an automated fashion if necessary, but if that is a necessity I was wondering what the purpose of allowing this alternate location is?

Thanks much!

Hi Jordan,

Yes, you are correct, the file needs to be promoted to the NuGet server by you before the deployment can happen.

The reason for this option is that your build may produce a number of packages, and builds might run in parallel. So that Octopus can determine the version number to use, an easy way to specify this is to point to the folder containing the packages - Octopus can get the versions from that. That’s all this option does.


Excellent, thanks for the information Paul!