Error: "The resource 'feeds-1' was not found."

When I try to view my releases, I get this error message. I can see the list of releases, but if I click on an individual release to view the details, the error occurs.

Bit of background. Several releases back, I added a NuGet package process step, for testing purposes. I decided to delete this step, however noticed that the package was still getting uploaded during a new release I created. So I deleted the feed. This is all in testing anyway so it’s not a big deal. However since doing this, all releases that were created while the NuGet package step existed, are returning the error when I try to view details.

In hindsight it makes some sense that this could occur, however I would like to know how to resolve this.


I appear to have resolved this by editing the feed details within RavenDB. Specifically, within the RavenDB Studio, Documents\Feeds section.

So it looks like feeds cannot be deleted if they logically relate back to previous releases? There is no warning about doing this.

Thanks for letting us know; it looks like we’re missing a reference check during deletion - I’ll raise a bug for it.