Error : Setting up the Octopus Agent failed: System.NullReferenceException

I am getting the below error when I open the config.xml from Octopus and click on installl Pre-requeistes.

Setting up the Octopus Agent failed: System.NullReferenceException: Object

Could you please help me out how to trouble shoot this error.
I did one method that is when i was re-instal the Octopus again It works for me after some time again I got the same error


I’m a little confused - Octopus doesn’t have an install pre-requisites button, nor a config.xml. Can you tell me the name of the MSI file you used to install Octopus?


Hi I am using Octopus Cli command and Executing the webapplicaiton installation from the Config.xml /Service.xml.


Please find my attached file for the complete error discription

Error.txt (7 KB)


Sorry for the misunderstanding. You appear to be having a problem with a product called Microsoft Octopus, which from what I understand is a deployment framework for BizTalk, though I may be wrong (I’d like to know more).

This is a support website for a different, non-Microsoft product called Octopus Deploy: Octopus Deploy is built for deploying .NET applications remotely using PowerShell.

I haven’t heard of the product you are using so I can’t offer any help - you will need to look for a different support site for that product.


Yes I am using microsoft Octopus tool for deployment.

any way Thank you for your information

Microsoft Octopus is a great tool, but not available outside of Microsoft. I would love it if they would release it.