Error running conventions; running failure conventions

I got this error on a Windows 2008 R2; the deployment work on Windows 2012.
As a result of this error custom variables are not resolved.

I’m using deploy version

See the attached log file.

ServerTasks-22559.log.txt (42 KB)


Thanks for getting in touch. At the bottom of the deployment log there’s an error:

21:37:41   Info     |           The account name is invalid or does not exist, or the password is invalid for the account name specified.
21:37:42   Error    |           sc.exe create failed with exit code: 1057

It looks like you’re trying to install a Windows Service and set it to use a specific user account and password, but either the account doesn’t exist on that machine or the password is wrong.

Hope that helps!



And the issue is that I’m using variables for user id and password; but they didn’t get resolved; they get resolved in Windows 7 machine; but now in Windows 2008 R2; I guess this a result of the first error.

I had the same issue and resolved by fully qualifying the domain for the user if though it was a local admin user on the machine I was deploying to.

#{ServiceUser} = domain\user

this works correctly now.

Hope this helps, probably an 2008R2 nuance.