Error pushing package to Octopus Deploy

(Dominic Burford) #1

I’m getting the above error when pushing a package to Octopus Deploy from our build pipeline. I’m doing this from a build script using the following octo push command.

octo push --package=mypackage.nupkg --overwrite-mode=OverwriteExisting --server= --pass=mypassword --debug --LogLevel=debug

Any ideas what’s causing the error and how to fix it?

(Justin Walsh) #3

Hi @dominic.burford

From what it looks like here, you’re attempting to log in to the Octopus server using a username and password, but your instance isn’t configured to accept those.

Is this pipeline pushing to an Octopus Cloud instance? If so, your authentication is via OctopusID, rather than a username and password account on the Octopus instance itself.

As a general rule, we recommend using an API key here, rather than username/password authentication.

I hope this helps, and please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions.

(Dominic Burford) #4

That’s fixed my problem. Many thanks for your help. This can be closed now.