Error on OctoPack Install into Solution

Hi there,
I am getting the attached error when running Install-Package OctoPack from the package manager console.
The solution is in Visual Studio Professional 2013, runs on .NET 2.0 and is a website.

I have other solutions that are working so i’m a bit lost, please help.


octoerror.txt (5 KB)

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for getting in touch! Octopack will not work for a .NET2.0 website (as you have found) specifically it will not working if a solution does not have a csproj file.
Is this solution extremely different from your other solutions that are working?
For websites we would suggest using the Command Line tool octo.exe pack command.
It very simply packs a whole directory that it is pointed at.

Hope that helps!

Hi Vanessa,

After a little research it would appear that it doesn’t work with Websites, but does with web applications, even on .NET 2.0 (I have a few running on this , at least they run in .NET 2.0 in the app pool, not necessarily in the build runner).
I think I will give converting this certain project into a web app a go and see how I get on.


Ashley Mitchell | Systems Administrator

Hi Ash,

Thanks for the reply. Yeah the ‘web application’ is the important part more than 2.0 I believe. It’s all in the setups and files it looks for.