Error in opening port

I’m not able to navigate to the web page of octopus after installation . I can do it on my local system in home but in office I’m facing this issue . Please help me out on this and find a solution.

Please find the attachment.


OctopusServer.txt (7 KB)

I mean none of the ports are working when I’m changing it in the bindings . 80,81,82,…https certificate also I tried but of no use … Please help me on this

Hi Prabal,

Thanks for reaching out.

  • Can you confirm if the Octopus Server service is started on the machine?

  • If the above is true, can you browse the Octopus web portal using Localhost from the machine where you installed it?


Please keep in mind that we do not support running Octopus on desktop OS versions. Even though we know it runs there, we develop and test Octopus for Server OS versions of windows, so any test made on desktops are not really relevant for troubleshooting.

Yes , the Octopus Serverservice is running

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