Error: ENONENT: no such file or directory

Hi Team,

I have this error lingering for about two days now. Was wondering if you can guide me of how the permissions to not to delete the files/sub directories from Work directory is tackled from within Octopus Deploy. My worker is a ubuntu machine. Can you logs securely, if need be.


Hi @parnithakaleru,

Thanks for getting in touch with Octopus Support!

The permissions that Octopus has for accessing the file system is determined by the account that the Octopus Server service runs under. This also applies to deployment targets, where the Tentacle service account permissions will determine the access rights.

In your case, it seems as though the deployment is running on a worker, so the Tentacle service account must have full access to the /etc/octopus/ folder.

We have rough documentation on how this works in the case of Windows servers, it doesn’t explicitly mention linux workers or workers but the general principles are the same.

I hope this helps answer your question, please let me know if you have any further questions or if you have any concerns.

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