Error deploying package where the version number has characters

When deploying a configuration to our Test environment, we get the following error:

Leg1 is our trigger package.

Unable to automatically create a release for project ‘CEP Platform’ when package Leg1 version 3.0.699.3471-CEPLEG1 was pushed: Failed to find latest version for package BatchManagement.Database

Is there a way of removing the -CEPLEG1 from the build number so that Octopus can create the package?

I have come across the following, but it is not clear on how to remove the character string.


Thanks for the question.

It looks like you are trying to deploy multiple packages but the package BatchManagement.Database doesn’t exist in your Octopus NuGet repository.

I’m not sure why you want to remove -CEPLEG1 from the build number? Are you running into problems creating packages from TFS?