Environments not showing correct in Deploy Release

I’ve just upgraded to 3.0.9 and now the environments are not showing correct when I click Deploy To after a project has been released.

See attached file with screenshots to explain what I mean.

Is something wrong with my installation or do you intend to solve this in the next upgrade?


Hi Niels,

Thanks for reaching out! I was not able to reproduce this.

  • From which version you just upgraded?
  • Can you see the names of the environments OK from the Environments screen? If you can, try clearing your browser’s cache and then click on “Deploy to” again.



Hi Dalmiro

I’ve upgraded from 3.0.8.

I can see the environments from the environments screen.

I’ll try clearing my browsers cache tomorrow and try IE 11 and Google Chrome. Now I’m running Edge.

I’ll let you know tomorrow.


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Sendt: 4. august 2015 18:35
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Emne: Re: Environments not showing correct in Deploy Release [Problems #36872]

Hi Dalmiro

It works in IE11.

It seems to be an issue in Microsoft Edge browser.

I’ll use IE11 for now.

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Yes I was able to reproduce that error only in Edge. Even though we will support that browser, I’d still recommend you to use any other browser for the time being until Edge is a bit more mature.



I was just coming to post the same thing and saw this thread.

I see my environments in Chrome but in IE 11 (and Edge) I see the {{C.Name}} entry. I thought it was a corrupt database value but apparently it’s browser specific.