Environment versions in channels


Thanks for your great product.
I have a question though regarding channels. Here is our setup: we have 1 integration environment and 2 test environments (migration and performance). We have 2 channels, the first with the lifecycle INT -> TEST1 and the second with lifecycle INT -> TEST2. I deployed a new version of the app to INT through channel 1, in the Environments page it shows the version of INT correctly. However in the project overview page I can see the correct version for INT environment only for the channel I used for the latest deployment (channel 1) but not for channel 2. I’d expect to see the correct (latest) version number for INT for all channels independently from which channel was used as the INT environment is the same. One more info: for INT environment I used offline package drop, if that matters.


Hi Laszlo,

Thanks for reaching out. That is the expected behavior. If you deploy a package to INT on Channel1, it won’t show up in the dashboard for INT on Channel2 even though it is the same environment. If you wanna keep this INT environment “shared”, you could use a single lifecycle that has 2 phases:

  • Phase 1: Has only INT
  • Phase 2: Has TEST1 and TEST2 and both are optional for deployment.


Hi Dalmiro,

Good catch, thanks for your answer.



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