Environment Variables common across projects


We have a project per Tenant where a tenant represents a customer. We have over 100 customers.

We also have at least 3 projects which are shared across all our customers. Each project has alot of Variables.

Some variables need to be shared across projects. These variables need to be Project Variables Sets and not Library Variable Sets because they vary based on Environment.

At the moment our only solution is to duplicate settings across all the shared projects. This is starting to add alot of extra effort around configuration and maintenance.

Is there any solution\enhancements around the corner to allow Environment Variables to be shared between projects?

Unfortunately, duplicating project variables, although a bad solution, is still better than Variable Sets. This is because our design is heavily based around Tenants. We need to restrict access to variables based on the Tenant and Environment a user is profiled to access.

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch on this, as it is something that we hear about from many customers.

We do have an issue raised in GitHub for addressing this issue but are yet to commence work on this and I can’t give you an ETA. It would be great to have any specific thoughts you might have on that Issue, to help us shape and prioritize our efforts on that front.

How are you currently duplicating project variables, perhaps we could assist you with that process?

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Thanks @Jim.Burger I’ve read the document associated with the link you posted. Attached is a document containing a more detailed description of our issues and proposed solution. Perhaps it could be included in your document?

I’m dealing with many customers of Octopus Deploy across the insurance and banking sectors on a daily basis and this document describes what seems to be some large and commonly encountered issues.

Just looping @pawel_p and @Michael_Noonan into the discussion aswell.

Unified Octopus Variable System.docx (17.3 KB)

Hi @pnolan

Your experiences and summary here are of great value, thankyou.

I’ve forwarded this onto the relevant team, and I’m sure it will add weight to our discussions as we forge ahead with it in the future. I’m sure if they have any questions for you regarding this they’ll do so here or on Github.

Again, we really appreciate this - thanks!

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