Environment Sign-off

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I have a deployment lifecycle constructed to support our Dev > QA (at least 1) > Performance > (ect…) requirements. The need I have is to be able to enforce sign-off of a given environment before deploying to the next.
Currently the lifecycle model is somewhat rigid in the fact it controls ‘Deployment’ to ‘Environments’.
I would like to be able to ‘Add a Phase’ to a lifecycle such an ‘Manual intervention’ which could serve the purpose of requiring a group member to ‘sign off’ the deploy to the Performance environment (for example) after testing has occurred before allowing advancing of the project deployment to another environment phase.

I understand I could add a step at the end of a given deploy project (scope it to required environment) and let that serve as the sign-off step for that deployment. That would be very clumsy since the deploy would not be completed (Green) until it was tested and signed-off.

One last thought, it would be nice to achieve ‘sign-off’ either manually or through an automated fashion (attached through a webhook for example). If I’ve missed an approach to achieving this, I’m open to suggestions.

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