Environment Restricted Task Create Permission Error

Hi There,
I created a custom role on Octopus where a user could run Power Shell tasks on remote servers restricted by environment.
However, there appears to be a bug where Octopus restrict that user from running any remote Power Shell tasks on any servers.
When the user tries to run a task on a server that should be allowed, he gets an error saying that Octopus is missing the permission: TaskCreate, even though the user has that permission but restricted by environment.


Thanks for reaching out. By Powershell tasks you mean Powershell steps or the Script Console? Could you show us which roles you assigned to your custom role?



Hi Dalmiro,

I mean the Script Console. I have attached screenshots of the role permissions, the team, and the script console error. In addition to the Task permissions, the custom role also has the AdministerSystem role assigned.


Hi Ben,

I’ve submitted this as a bug to open the discussion with the team. There’s definitely a rather weird behavior regarding permissions + script console:

Feel free to follow the progress on that link.

Thanks for the feedback!