Environment having multiple Server then how to deploy

Hi team,

I am having 3 machine to configure an environment. 1st for Windows Services, 2nd for SQL Database and 3rd for Web Services and Web Site. In such scenario how shall I create the steps and update all the machines to deploy the files on all the machines. I aware for a single machine but not for multiple. Please help.


Thanks for getting in touch! You can totally deploy certain steps within your deployment process to different Machines. To accomplish this, you’d set Machine Roles for each Machine, then scope each step of your deployment process to each Machine Role. I have set up an example Project similar to yours and attached screenshots so I can explain visually :slight_smile:

First step is to set the Machine Role in the settings for each Machine (see screenshot 1). You may want to name them something meaningful for reference.

When all three Machines have their roles defined, it will reflect in the Environments tab (see screenshot 2).

In your Project’s deployment process, you will now need to scope each step to the appropriate Role you just made (see screenshot 3).

Once you’ve scoped each deployment step to each Role, you will see the changes reflected back on your Project’s Deployment process (see screenshot 4).

You can also assign multiple Roles to a single Machine if you wanted to run more than one step on one Machine (see screenshot 5).

I hope that helps! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions!