End to end Octopus + TeamCity + Octopus sandwich


We love using Octopus for deployment while we are using TeamCity for build. However we are stuck in an admin/support hell for another team that forces us to release often with their binaries. We need to the below several times a day:
a) Check in their DLLs, configs into our repo (+ check versions etc.) 10 mins
b) Build - 20 mins
c) Deploy - 20 mins

We would like to automate this with Octopus so that we can focus on development. Our plan is to give them access to Octopus that will allow them to do all 3 steps in an automated way:
Step 1) Using PowerShell check in the DLLs
Step 2) Launch/wait for the build to finish in TeamCity
Step 3) Deploy the built nuget packages

We can do 1 and 3, however we are not sure how to set up Octopus so that it kicks of the deployment when the packages are built. Can you please point us to some documentation or give advice how you would do this?

If we can automate all 3 steps then we can delegate the deployment for the other team, if not then we are stuck in a lot of boring support jobs. Your help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you


Hi Jozef,

Thanks for getting in touch! If I have understood your question correctly, you want to start an Octopus deployment when a TeamCity build completes.

If so, you can create and deploy an Octopus release via a TeamCity step, either using the [http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/TeamCity](TeamCity plugin) or the octo.exe command line tool.

Alternatively you can use Octopus Automatic Release Creation and set the first phase of the Lifecycle to auto deploy.

Hope that helps!

Robert W


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