Encoding error with powershell output

When using powershell step or (Post/Pre)Deploy.ps1, previously all Write-Host() where correctly encoded (special characters where displayed).

But since a couple of versions, the powershell output is not correctly displayed in deployment log.

See this sample where “é” are replaced by “,” :
2013-07-10 12:27:29 INFO D‚ploiement Azure d‚tect‚, traitement sp‚cifique d‚clench‚
2013-07-10 12:27:29 INFO Machine Azure != 1, traitement non prioritaire retard‚ de 3 secondesTargetVersion=1.24.1

In the step editor, script is displayed correctly, and I’m sure that before PS steps where introduced, my PostDeploy.ps1 script was also rendered correctly.

Thanks Thomas, we’ll try to work out why this happens.


We finally got to the bottom of this! It’s going to be fixed in 2.4

Yes, I followed your discussion on twitter and the stackoverflow question.

I’m happy you have found a solution, I did not think it was possible that powershell output/encoding were so broken.

Thanks for not giving up !

PS: happy to have renewed our license for the 2.0 version, octopus really deserve it.